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D2 Detector Sensitivity Mod

This mod allows the operator to adjust detector sensitivity during STBY

This mod allows the operator to adjust receiver sensitivity and indirectly speaker audio level while monitor his/her transmitter signals when the CONAR receiver is in "standby" STBY mode. The CONAR receiver is muted when the anode of detector D2 is grounded. Through experimentation, it has been discovered that when a 10k LINEAR pot is wired in series with this circuit, detector sensitivity can be fully controlled.

A standard size 10k LINEAR pot was purchased for $0.99. A 10k Log pot was tried with less than favorable results. The monitored audio levels were too "touchy" and was a source of constant adjustment.

Control adjustment is seldom needed once the audio levels have been set by the operator. Therefore, it is recommended that this control be placed in the rear of the receiver.

Here are the steps to do this mod:



D2 Control Pot on RIGHT side of Fuseholder



This completes the D2 Detector Sensitivity Mod.



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