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RF Gain Switch mod

This mod disconnects the RF Gain Control when BFO switch is in STBY position


When the CONAR receiver is in STBY mod, the RF gain control must be set to minimum so that the strong signals from the monitored nearby transmitter does not overload the receiver. RF gain is controlled via the RF Gain control pot R5. Maximum receiver RF gain is had when the center wiper of R5 (indirectly connected to IF tube V2) is grounded. MINIMUM RF gain will be had if the wire from the center wiper is diconnected entirely from the R5 pot.

Here are the steps to complete this mod:



Power the CONAR receiver and connect a 2' - 6' wire as an antenna.


Previous D2 Sensitivity mod test allowed operator to receive signals normally when switch was placed in STBY position. When RF Gain control mod is completed, RF Gain control is in full MINIMUM gain when switch is set to STBY position. Receiver can no longer receive weak signals when placed in STBY. Move BFO switch to CW and adjust VOL control pot to a comfortable listening level.

Verify correct operation keying a nearby CW transmitter using a dummy load. Adjust D2 Sensitivity control to a comfortable level. Do not adjust VOL control pot. There should be NO distortion in the audio signal. Audio should be a "pure" tone signifying no receiver overload.


This completes the RF Gain Switch Mod.


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