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Antenna Relay Switch mod

This mod adds two contacts to the 4th pole of the STBY switch.


Previous mods have used 3 poles of the STBY switch leaving one last pole. This last pole will be used to place a pair of switch contacts on the Antenna - Ground terminal strip on the back of the CONAR receiver. This, of course, means that another antenna connector will have to be added. I recommend adding a SO-238 socket as shown below. (Diode Detector D2 mod and a fuse holder are on the right.)


Here are the steps for this mod:


To verify correction operation, take a Volt Ohm Meter (VOM) and set for any "resistance" range. When BFO switch is on AM or CW - switch contacts should show "infinite" resistance (open circuit). When switch is thrown in STBY position, VOM should show "Zero" ohms (short circuit). CONAR receiver does not have to be powered to complete this test.

These contacts can now be used to control antenna relay which allows radio operator to switch a single antenna between transmitter and receiver and other needed functions.



These contacts are for low voltage - low current use -ONLY-.

Use a small 12V DC relay to control a larger 120 VAC antenna relay!




This completes the Antenna Relay Switch Mod.



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