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Hints and Kinks

CONAR was designed during the 60's when the NEC electrical code was more relaxed. Since then, we have learned an awful lot about fire safety and electricity. You should always give electricity the respect it deserves. You should ALWAYS be on your guard. Mankind will NEVER master electricity, airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, guns, and chainsaws. To believe you have done so, only invites death. Giving great respect to all the above objects will insure a long, healthy ( if uneventful ) life.

As an electronics instructor once told me, dying in bed is preferable to being turned into a crispy critter.

Having said all that, it is recommended that, at a minimum, a fuse should be installed at the input of the 120 VAC power transformer. It can be as simple as a pigtail fuse to something as fancy as a fuse holder shown below.

In addition, a three conductor power cord with a polarized outlet should replace the original two conductor non polarized AC power cord.




Think Safe - Act Safe - Be Safe


I have noticed that the 40 Meter LO shifts UP slightly when the receiver is put into it's case. Slide the receiver halfway into the case and give one last tuneup on the 40 Meter LO coil and slowly slide the chassis into the enclosure. I have not notice any shifting with the 80 or 15 meter LO coils.

Some have complained that their plexiglass pointer is touching the top part of dial on the faceplate. To fix this, gently take your index finger and place it under the top of the plexiglass pointer. Take a hair dryer and set it on the highest heat setting and point it 6" to 8" away from the large black tuning knob. Hold it for 2 or 3 minutes and then let go of the pointer. It should now have about a 1/8th inch clearance from the metal faceplate.

Knobs don't match or one broke off? Take your CONAR knob with you to the hardware store. Go to the Gas Stove section of the store. A number of older gas stoves used this type knob.

Bored? Here is something you can do on a Sunday. Disconnect the antenna input coil circuit on pin #7 of tube V1 ( 6BE6 Mixer ) and solder a 5 inch wire for an antenna. Disconnect the LO circuit on pin #1 of the same tube and replace with a coax cable going to any VHF signal generator. Now S-L-O-W-L-Y tune the signal generator to listen to paging, 2-way communications and several TV stations! The 6BE6 mixer will work well into the VHF region.

Please send me any HINTS or KINKS you might have!




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